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  • affectionately known as Mila, is an elegant and multitalented fine line tattoo artist. Her artistic abilities extend beyond tattooing, as she also excels in painting, showcasing her versatility and creativity. Despite her exceptional talents, Mila has a goofy and playful side that brings a sense of joy to her work and interactions with clients. The talented fine line artist, affectionately goes by the nickname "Boubou." This special nickname captures her essence as a sweet, cute, and uniquely charming girl. Mila's tattoos exude a sense of grace and sophistication, reflecting her keen eye for detail and commitment to creating stunning designs. Whether she's using a tattoo machine or a paintbrush, Mila's artistic prowess shines through, leaving a lasting impression on those who appreciate her work.








  •    is our  piercer and part owner of the studio. He is offering to clients a safe and professional service. He will prepare you for a comfortable environment with excellent manners walking you through every step of your piercing experience.From the first day we opened our studio, Kostas knew that his approach to body piercing would ensure business success.

    2020 is the year he has also start practicing the fine art of Handpoke tattoo .


                    Life & business partner, Yaya is the owner of the studio.

Yaya's role is part owner, manager, tattoo artist and loving Wife.  Without Yaya, the shop would not run smoothly, appointments would never get made, bills would not be paid, and orders would not be placed. Chaos would reign!

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